How to program new remotes for a 1997 Subaru Outback!

So this is a little outside my normal subject matter, however I learned two things on this process.

  1. The instructions from the manufacturer of the replacement remote were terrible.
  2. I am more of a visual learner, which isn’t useful when all of the online help you can find is online message boards with no pictures to guide you.

While programming a car remote doesn’t necessarily fall under the category of woodworking or home improvement, it falls into the realm of saving money by doing something yourself, and really, that’s what I’m all about!

The instructions as presented in the video are based off of the manufacturer’s instructions, but I tried to make it so you can visually follow along with how to program the remotes. This will work with, at the very least, factory installed Subaru alarm systems from the year 1997. As I understand it, the company that made this system also made similar systems for Ford and a number of other manufacturers around the same time, so the process could be very similar. What’s important when you’re looking for remotes is that you buy a remote that matches the one you currently have. Usually, there’s an FCC ID for the remote on the back of the casing that you can do a quick search to find them online.

For the remotes I purchased, I could affiliate link to the model I bought on Amazon; however, I honestly bought them off of eBay from a seller that provided two for the price that Amazon charges for one. I don’t feel like I need to make a buck on this badly enough to ensure you get ripped off (after all, the entire point of the video is avoiding getting ripped off by a dealership for programming these things–if I’m ensuring you get hornswaggled on the remotes, I’m no better than they are!)

Check it out–if you’ve got questions, leave them below in the comments!


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